St John’s Location

Welcome to Hope Therapy’s Satellite location at “Under the Oaks Farm” in North West St. Johns county.  Located on a beautiful 10 acre private farm, Hope Therapy has the pleasure of offering services here on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. We have two lovely horses; Dolly and Radical that we use at this location and we are able to accommodate riders ages 2 and up. Founder/ AHA registered OT Rebecca Davenport commutes over to this location weekly to work with our PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor, Jennifer Lang and wonderful group of volunteers in order to provide individualized and meaningful sessions to our riders.  Be sure to contact us if you are interested in starting at this location and would like to set up a visit!


Our Horses 

Below, you will find information on the horses used at Hope Therapy’s St John’s Location!



Born January 1, 1993 - Paint - Mare

My Name is Dolly! My mom, Mary, has had me for 8 years, and I used to be a hunter/jumper pony. I have taught many new riders over the years.  3 years ago, my mom welcomed Hope Therapy to our home in St. Johns county so that I too could become a Hope Therapy horse! All of the volunteers say I am one of the most patient, kind, and gentle horses they have ever met. So, naturally, I’m really good at my job! I love getting to work with our smaller riders and help give them confidence in the saddle.  If you come out to meet me, you’ll also get to meet my friend Jackson. He’s a Donkey that I met about 15 yrs ago. I didn't like him at first, but we became inseparable and when my mom bought me, Jackson came along  as a package deal! We even share a stall! 


Born January 1, 2001 - Paint Gelding

My name is Radical! You can call me Rad.  I’m owned by  Dr. Bess Darrow with Tune Ups Equine Dentistry. I joined Hope Therapy in St. Johns in October 2018.  I was staying with a friend of my mom’s in the pan handle when hurricane Michael hit. Most of the horse farms over there were severely damaged or destroyed.  Thankfully ,I already had plans to join Hope Therapy, so I evacuated to our St. Johns location. I’ve been learning what it means to be a therapy horse and started taking riders in January.  Our instructor, Jennifer, says that I am excellent at teaching people how horses communicate. Our teen and adult riders enjoy doing ground work with me before starting in the saddle. I think it helps us become a stronger team!  Around the barn, I'm known for my fun personality and wide variety of facial expressions, I can never hide what I’m thinking!


March 2019- My horse friends over in the panhandle are still trying to recover from the devastation of hurricane Michael. Please visit and consider making a donation to help the horses an livestock affected by this event.