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Hope Therapy a provider of Hippotherapy, is located in Northeast Florida and is a Premier Accredited Center Member of:
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.)

Our Horses

Meet Our Horses



Born January 16, 1994 – Flea-bitten Grey – Paso Fino – Gelding


My name is Chewy, but don’t be fooled! I only chew on grain, hay, and treats, which I thoroughly enjoy. I was born in North Carolina and joined the Hope Therapy herd in 2010. Since then, I have enjoyed my job as an equine therapist. Being a Paso Fino, I have a smooth gait, which is just right for clients who need a quiet ride and for those just starting to trot. Life on the farm is lovely and I am happy to serve so many friends!


Born March 31, 1995 – Flea-bitten Grey – Arabian – Gelding


My name is Rocky! I have two nicknames around the farm. The first is “Rocky the Boulder” and the second is “The amazing kissing horse.” The first was given to me by a rider and the second is because I love to give kisses to my riders! I enjoy working with my riders, especially when we do dressage. It’s always fun when we get to go on a road trip and perform off the farm, too. I’m always a happy camper and enjoy hanging out with Chewy, Irish, and my girl, Hermione.


Born April 22, 2000 – Mealy Flaxen Chestnut – Halflinger – Mare


My name is Honey! I am a very sweet mare, and truly enjoy people and can be quite snuggly at times. Being a Haflinger, I am the right height for some of our younger clients and strong enough for some of our older clients. During sessions, I am attentive to my rider as well as the instructor and side-walker. I am also a leader in my herd and tend to them when I’m not working. I have a bit of mother’s heart and love to initiate mutual grooming with my pasture mates.


Born January 1, 2002 – Flaxen Chestnut – Percheron/Belgian/Galiceno Pony – Gelding


My name is Teddy Bear, and for good reason, I am a very sweet boy! My mom, Brooke, is a therapeutic riding instructor at Hope Therapy. Her family adopted me when I was just 2 years old. I had a rough start to life, but since my adoption day Brooke, her family, and I have had many fun adventures including pony club, dressage, jumping, fox hunting, and trail rides! I greatly enjoy my new job as a therapy horse and forming partnerships with my riders. I also greatly enjoy treats, especially strawberry frosted mini-wheats! You can find me hanging out with my buddy, Merlin.


Born March 27, 1998 – Blood Bay – American Warmblood/Thoroughbred – Gelding


My name is Braveheart! I’m a big ‘ole sweet boy, and I love attention and treats! I was bred and born on the Davenports’ farm in Texas and have been with them ever since. My Mom, Sasha, was a beautiful and sweet thoroughbred mare. Though she passed away a few years ago, I still have some of her best qualities. However, keeping my stall as tidy as she did still evades me! When Becky and I were growing up, we would go to shows together and win ribbons! Although I don’t assist in daily hippotherapy sessions, a ride with me is often a long-term goal of many adult clients. Regardless, I am a goofy, sweet boy who is always appreciative of scratches and affection! Often you will see me giving my friends, Honey or Roanie, scratches on the back while they return the favor!


Born September 18, 2005 – Mahogany Bay – Arabian/Paso Fino – Gelding


My name is Merlin! I’m a very kind horse, and a bit of a silly dude at times! My mom is a Paso Fino, like my friend Chewy, and my dad is an Arabian, like my friend Rocky. I joined my Hope Therapy family in 2015 and have been enjoying my job as a therapy horse ever since. My previous work was at a Girl Scout camp, so I am no stranger to kiddos and adore their company.  I also love to go on trail rides, spend time with my herd, and get treats from my riders! I also enjoy munching on hay with my buddy, Teddy.


Born February 17, 2007 – Red Roan – Quarter Horse – Gelding


My name is Roanie! I am a calm and sweet boy, though I can be a little shy at times. My show name is “Good N Red,” but you can just call me Roanie. I used my show name more when I did western pleasure in North Carolina before coming to Hope Therapy in 2016. Every now and then though, I like to show off my western moves. My sweet personality is a great match for my current job as an equine therapist. I’m delighted to meet my riders and love on them as they love on me. Since I am one of the bigger horses on the farm I get to work with adults more, which is neat. They give great hugs! You can find me chilling with Honey and Braveheart.


Born June 12, 2008 – Bay – Miniature Horse – Gelding


My name is Gus! I’m a cute, funny, and sweet little guy, and I can be mischievous at times. I was born in Minnesota and my registered name is “JANDTS Shining Lite.” I like to think of myself as the mascot of Hope Therapy. I enjoy traveling, so I sometimes go to events as a representative. On the farm I help those who may fear horses warm up to us, I get groomed by our younger clients, I am ridden by our smallest clients, and I participate in photo shoots. If you come by the farm, feel free to visit me! I can often be found hanging out with my friend, Johnny Brown.


Born May 1, 2013 – Ivory Champagne – Gypsy Vanner – Gelding


My name is LexLin’s Irish Whiskey, but I just go by Irish! Hope Therapy won me through LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s Gypsy Gift program. I’m pretty easy going and love to be groomed and scratched. My build seems to be just right for a variety of riders. I’m strong so I can carry adults and veterans, but not too tall or wide for kiddos. My training and time at the farm are just beginning, but I feel right at home. I began training under saddle with my friend, Shelby, in October of 2017. After just 2 months, she took me to my first show! I had a blast and did a great job. So far I’ve done a few sessions and have been stellar for my age!


Born June 1, 2008 – Flaxen Red Chestnut – Arabian/Welsh Pony – Mare


Hi, my name is Hermione! Me and my owner, Shelby, both work hard here at the farm! Shelby got me as a 5-year-old with just a few rides and has done the majority of my training since. I have worked hard to help Shelby with her anxiety around riding and showing, and did such a stellar job that she knew I would be a great horse for Hope Therapy to use! I also used to teach lessons with Kelly at Paint Me Riding. Recently, I have taken kids to Special Olympics a few times! I am very laid back and extremely sweet, even when trailered off-property. I am also currently in foal to Dragon’s Lair Cerveza Dinero (Dino)! My due date is April 15th. I won’t be having the foal here at Hope Therapy, but volunteers, staff, and patients can definitely visit me and my baby when the time comes!

Johnny Brown

Born  January 1, 1999 – Bay Tobiano – Grade Pony – Gelding


My name is Johnny Brown! But you can just call me Johnny. I am the most recent addition here at the farm, and I am fitting right in! My mom bought me at the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania when I was 4 years old. She wasn’t planning on coming home with a pony that day, but as soon as she saw me peek my head out between the fence boards, it was love at first sight! For a time, I was a trail pony for the son of my mom. Once he grew too big for me, I was leased out to other small riders. I have done hunters, jumpers, pony club rallies, and games. I am very calm and altogether quite a great therapy pony. I am pretty short, so I help with many of our smaller riders, along with Gus. I am altogether a sweet boy and love hanging out with my best friend, Gus.

 Meet Our Rabbits

Our rabbits are very sweet and enjoy being loved on. Cotton (left) is 3 years old and Pat (right) is 9 years old. They are both Mini Rex rabbits. Some of our clients enjoy visiting with them before or after they ride. Spending time with Cotton and Pat can be relaxing and calming. They help clients learn to be gentle and present. Miss. Cindy, a veteran rider, educates clients about rabbits and loves seeing the impact these two have on our riders.

Fun Fact: Cotton is a Clay County Fair costume class winner!

In Loving Memory

I have left you now

but please don’t be sad

you gave me all the love you had.


You did so much for me in my time here

I’ll always hold those precious times near.

Your hear will heal, though you’ll never forget

Memories like the first time we met.


Memories are wonderful, so keep them close

And remember all the good times most.

Up in Horsey Heaven is where I’ll be

keeping my sweet friends company.


I’m at peace now, so please don’t be sad.

You gave me all the love you had.



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